Respect and Listen

The wines of the Canavese share common characteristics. All are influenced by a mild temperature, combined with the constant benefit of general ventilation from the nearby Valdostan Alps and by strong diurnal/nocturnal thermal excursions especially during the pre-harvest period. In all wine types, there is a particularly good acidity and sapidity with a low polyphenolic content and you may find the typical organoleptic characteristics of products harvested from the mineral-rich soils of the Morainic terrain.



Quality Denomination:  Canavese Barbera.

Aging:12 months in steel barrels.

Description: Deep ruby red color, with violet purple. The nose is strong and expresses the typical varietal notes, with fruity scents of fresh cherry, intertwined with elegant floral notes of rose and violet. The taste is a dry wine with a good warm body and evident tannic notes. Persistent, which is made plain in the liquorice aftertaste.

Packaging: bottle 0.75L, boxes of 6 bottles.

Serving temperature: Serve at 16-17 ° C.



Quality Denomination:  Canavese Nebbiolo.

Aging:12 months in steel barrels then 12 months in barrique and oak tonneaux.

Description: Garnet red wine with light orange reflections. The nose captures floral scents of violet, fresh fruit and pepper. In the mouth, the classic features of nebbiolo are accented with just the right balance between acidity and minerality - typical of our morainic land. The taste is warm, dry, good body, aromatic and with good persistence.

Packaging: bottle 0.75L, boxes of 6 bottles. Magnum 1.5 L, single box.

Serving temperature: Serve at 16-17 ° C.



Quality Denomination: Canavese Rosato.

Aging: 6 months in steel barrels.

Description: Intense pink color. Delicate, simple and never a boring wine. Impresses with hints of fresh fruit and flowers. In the mouth it is elegant, savory and does not hide the typical minerality of soils. The obvious tannin, characteristic of the variety of origin, it is well balanced by the acidity and freshness which gives the taste.

Packaging: bottle 0.75L, boxes of 6 bottles.

Serving temperature: Serve at 8-10 ° C.



Quality Denomination: Canavese Bianco.

Description: Straw yellow color, bright with delicate greenish highlights. To the nose it reveals floral aromas with a trace of fresh fruit and a herbaceous hint. Fresh and pleasant tasting. Dry, fruity and sapid.

Packaging: bottle 0.75L, boxes of 6 bottles.

Serving temperature: Serve at 8-10 ° C.


Quality Denomination:  Sparkling Rosé Brut Classic Method V.S.Q.

Vinification and aging: Soft pressing, fermentation and aging in steel barrels. Bottle fermentation according to the classic method with a minimum of 18 months staying on the lees.

Description: Wine with an eye-catching bright pink color. In the glass the froth quickly disappears, leaving room to a fine and persistent perlage. At nose it reveals delicate aromas of flowers and small red fruits. In the mouth is fine, fragrant and balanced. It is persistent and sapid at the end. Excellent as aperitif, it is very versatile and can be consumed with satisfaction throughout the meal.

Packaging: 0.75 ml bottle, packs of 2, 3 and 6 bottles

Serving temperature: Servire a 5-6°C.


Quality Denomination: Red wine.

Description: A red wine which recaptures the ancient tradition of our estate. In times past, the local cellar-hands would collect grapes from several varieties and vinify them by mixing them together. From this method came a simple, underworked wine, primarily used for daily consumption. Today we keep this tradition alive, vinifying the grapes separately, then assembling them in a "variable" manner by type and percentage, depending on their availability and features.

Packaging: bottle 0.75L, boxes of 6 bottles.

Serving temperature: Serve at 15-16 ° C.


Quality Denomination: Red Wine

Aging: Steel barrels then oak tonneaux.

Description: From San Giacomo vineyard, one of the oldest on our estate this “unicum” is born, vinified exclusively in the most favorable years, dedicated to an irreplaceable person. The result is a complex wine, balanced and decisive at the same time. On the nose red fruit, wild rose and balsamic notes. In the mouth it is compact, juicy with well present but velvety tannins. Each sip recalls the next. Suitable to accompany all first and second courses of the Piedmontese tradition.

Packaging: Bottle 0.75L, boxes of 6 bottles. Magnum 1.5 L, single box.

Serving temperature:Serve at 17-18 °C