The identity of an area naturally suited to wine

DonnaLia is a winery situated in the province of Biella, Northern Piedmont, resting on the Moraine hills of the Serra of Ivrea in San Secondo, Salussola, with vineyards positioned 300 meters above sea level.

The winery falls within the area of the Canavese DOC, which greatly benefits from the microclimate of the nearby Lake Viverone, who’s excellent sun exposure and unusual glacial soil assists the overall growing process. The original planting area, although larger than the current plan, was traditionally kept in the same style as present-day. It thrives amid the natural amphitheater of hills and surrounding acacia and chestnut forests.

The current owners, whose residence is known as the 'Villa Ca' Bianca ', have kept some historic vineyards dating from the 1950s, and have also successfully restored the greater part of them since 2009. Today, they have cultivated Barbera and Cabernet vineyards, some more than 50 years of age. In additional to that, there are also younger cultivated Nebbiolo and Erbaluce vineyards. This 6.5 hectares of cultivated land produces wines with specific characteristics, all of which are covered under Canavese DOC regulation.

We take utmost care with all stages of the production process, starting from vine management through to harvest, the vinification and aging of wine in the cellar, to the point where it’s ready for bottling and commercialization.

The wines of the Canavese area share common characteristics. All are influenced by a mild temperature, favourable ventilation from the neighboring Valdostane Alps and strong diurnal thermal excursions, particularly at night in the pre-harvest period. In all wine varieties, there is a particularly excellent acidity and flavor with a low polyphenol content. The organoleptic characteristics are obtained from the minerals of the salt-rich soils that are present within the geographical structure of the Moraine area.

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